Breaking Ground: An Interview with Humanitarian and Endurance Athlete Jason Lester

Jason Lester, 37, Nike Endurance Athlete and ESPY Winner. Lester, a firm believer in using his athletic abilities to raise money for worthy causes. His book, “Running on Faith: The Principles, Passion, and Pursuit of a Winning Life,” has been hailed by critics as “truly remarkable proof of what dedication, heart, and a never-say-quit attitude can create.” I had the opportunity to interview Jason about his upcoming charity run in August, entitled H2OPE 2011: Badwater for Clean Water. The 306 mile course will start in Las Vegas, make its way to Badwater in Death Valley, and then wind up to the top of Mount Whitney. Jason will be the second person to ever run the course. Lisa Smith-Batchen made the grueling journey in 2008. All donations Jason receives will go towards building clean water wells and cisterns in rural areas and villages in the Philippines, China, Africa, and India. Jason lives and trains in Hawaii.

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